Your Private Encrypted Messenger

Babelnet is your on-premise, private and fully encypted communications solution, that works just like WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger. Contrary to these solutions, Babelnet is 100% secure and every data is storted securely in-house, without any risk of compromise and data theft.


Secure Messenger

Use a familiar WhatsApp/Viber-like interface to securely chat, send files, start group conversations, make phone calls and more. Babelnet is your private encrypted messenger solution.

Encrypted VOIP calls

Strong cryptography keeps your communications secret, including crystal-clear voice calls using only your own secure Babelnet server. Calls don't leave your own network and remain securely encrypted between the devices.

Group chats and emails

Group chats allows teams to collaborate securely, while Babelnet on Windows and Mac desktops provide a secure email replacement for the most important private discussions.

100% in-house

Your communicaton, your servers, your encryption, your security. Babelnet is fully on-premise and is designed to keep every data safe even in case of a cyberattack.

Your Data. Your Babelnet.

It is time to stop using Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber or Facebook-owned WhatsApp for secure, secret and sensitive communications. The confidentiality of your critical communication should not depend on a 3rd party, especially not on a global cloud company whose business model is monetizing your data and your activity.

Getting your own Babelnet is common sense when it comes to combining secrecy, data protection and ease-of-use of the well-known chat applications.

Supported platforms

Babelnet is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS devices.
This includes all iPhones, Android smart phones and tablets, iPads, and both Windows and Mac laptops, workstations across the enterprise.

We take security seriously.

Communication in Babelnet is protected by multiple encryption, authentication and integrity control methods. Each message is encoded with a randomly generated, unique message key, and every data remains encrypted at rest. The Babelnet server only serves as a connector between devices but does not store any encryption keys or sensitive data. Every key remains safely and securely on the user's devices.
Babelnet was designed, and the design was properly verified against both practical and theoretical, active and passive cyberattacks. Even when the Babelnet server is compromised or a man-in-the-middle attack is successful, sensitive data cannot be intercepted or decrypted. The only way to access encrypted messages is via the user's device, and even Babelnet system administrators have zero access to the actual messages or phone calls.

Babelnet features

  • Branding with own logos and colors

  • Complete end-to-end encryption

  • Chats and group chats

  • High quality phone calls

  • TouchID and FaceID integration

  • Attachments, photos with built-in previewer

  • Message auto-destruction in minutes or hours

  • Audio messages

  • Sent, received, read receipts

  • Group management

  • Scheduled and automatic messages

  • Unlimited devices per user

Why use Babelnet?

Babelnet customers

Babelnet is globally used by a wide variety of customers, with only one thing in common: the safety and security of their private messages against the every day threat of industrial and cyber espionage. Our customers include governments, defense and armed forces, secret services, business management, board of directors, healthcare professionals, lawyers, consultants and journalists.