Security compliance

Detection and response

Making security operations compliant by hunting down threats that bypass preventive security

Detection and response solutions tools are designed to uncover and stop attacks that bypass preventive security. This way the role of detection and response is to fill all the gaps in the security policy, and find unknown attackers both inside and outside the organization.

Our vendors

Vectra AI network detection and response (NDR)

Vectra AI develops the world's leading automated threat hunting NDR solution. Vectra Cognito applies threat behavior detection models using machine-learning on the core network traffic, to reliably uncover threat actors in real-time. This network detection and response approach installs in a matter of minutes and brings immediate results to organizations of all sizes, while also providing a complete, encryption-agnostic coverage of network threats.

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F-Secure endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Rapid Detection and Response from F-Secure is a cloud-based EDR solution that can be deployed on all Windows and Mac OS machines to collect behavioral indicators of a potential compromise. The data is then correlated with hundreds of millions of other machines in the cloud, and broad context detections uncover the scope and timeline of potential attacks, with manual or automated reaction capabilities to stop the incident.

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STEALTHbits data-centric detection and response

Another powerful source of threat detection are the actual data access patterns that the StealthDEFEND UEBA solution utilizes to find both internal and external threat actors inside the organization. With quick reaction to changes in data access, SETALTHbits' solutions can quickly stop ransomware, data theft and other risky behaviors.

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Use cases

Detection provides essential visibility into active threats and attacks, while dynamically drive manual or automated response to stop the attackers, avoid incidents before damage is done.

Attack visibility

Finding real-life attacks without false positive alerts, with automated triaging and reliable threat level measurement drastically speeds up security operations and help focus attention where it's needed most.

Quick / automated reaction

Uncovered attacks are stopped automatically with account lockout or network isolation, or advanced playbook-based automation can leave manual decision when still needed.

24x7 SOC operations

AI-based automated network security can lock-out attackers, stop ransomware and other threats in real-time. AI is the only approach to 24x7 security operations without hiring significantly more staff.

Insider threat detection

Detection and response tools can also uncover credential theft, privilege abuse, shadow IT usage, illegal remote control, potential data theft or unusual hacking tools in the enterprise environment.