F-Secure antivirus and endpoint security systems

Basic security for every endpoints: With F-Secure you can get instant, extremely easy-to-use protection against the most important security threats. F-Secure means minimum protection for every organization.

DeepGuard HIPS

The new generation of DeepGuard's Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) provides F-Secure's accuracy beyond signatures and virus databases. DeepGuard keeps track of running processes and interferes when needed. Behavior-based, proactive protection can prevent exploiters and block harmful code before they can even harm your computer.

Security Cloud

F-Secure's cloud computing has a huge knowledge database and unlimited computing power fights against the latest malwares. Unlikely the ultra-lightweight DeepGuard system (which runs on computers), the Security Cloud can work with any computational capacity and organizes a tens of millions of computers protected by F-Secure in a single global, instant response network.

F-Secure products

Easy to operate with cloud management, or fully customizable local management the F-Secure endpoint security can be reached on every platform.
Protection Service for Business Fully automated cloud management privileges local server, updates, and manual maintenance. Protect all devices from anywhere, with a very user-friendly interface, whether it's a company or even thousands of customers.

How F-Secure security works?

There are four products for Protection Service for Business: a central, a cloud-based managed portal, as well as workstation, server and mobile device protection products. (The products are also available with a local management server.)

Protecting all endpoints from F-Secure can be managed from a single intuitive, manageable web management console. The security situation is easy to use, and the problems are quickly resolved from the main page.

  • Protect all devices on one portal
  • Ideal for independent, centralized monitoring of thousands of customers
  • Integrated mobile device management
  • Automatic software updater and patch manager
  • No need own hardware / software
  • No manual maintenance, upgrades, always up-to-date on every customer
  • Can be integrated easily with other management tools

Protection on computers is the primary line to stop all malware. F-Secure's ultra-lightweight security solutions cover both Windows and Mac workstations comprehensively and ensure that you are automatically installing missing software updates.

  • Award-winner endpoint security for Windows and Mac computers
  • AV-TEST best security for over 4 years (2010-2014)
  • Advanced DeepGuard proactive HIPS system
  • Complete software refreshing

From a well-functioning, comprehensive defense system, mobile devices can not be missed either. It also combines protection of mobile smart devices that contain critical business information in one system, including F-Secure, whether Android or iOS based devices.

  • New generation mobile protection for Android and iOS devices
  • Wifi security and VPN
  • Proactive app and web security
  • Fleet Management with Anti-Theft Service
  • It's easy to integrate with external MDM solutions

Continuous protection of servers is the most critical for maintaining business continuity and data security. F-Secure's solutions provide one of the best continuous protection available, with minimal resource usage.

  • Ultra-lightweight defense agents running on multiple platforms
  • Advanced proactive DeepGuard HIPS protection system
  • Complete software updater system
  • SharePoint and Exchange integration