Comprehensive website, API and DDoS protection service

24x7 managed service to protect websites, webshops and APIs from DDoS attacks and data theft by hackers.
With an AI-based web application firewall and all datacenters located only in the European Union, Grey Wizard is the ideal European choice for website security.

Comprehensive DDoS protection

DDoS can shoot down websites for days, making your company or webshop completely inaccessible. Grey Wizard protects against all types of DDoS attacks and will keep your website up and running all the time.

Web Application Firewall stops hackers

An advanced, AI-powered WAF makes assures that the website is protected against both known and yet unknown attacks. Grey Wizard will keep hackers away from your most important transactions and personal, GDPR-related data.

24x7 monitored security service

Grey Wizard operates a large capacity, global Content Distribution Network with continously monitored, 100% uptime guaranteed security services. The average response time to support tickets is just 6 minutes.

Ready in 5 minutes

Turn on Grey Wizard in just a few minutes and take advantage of the complete website protection with our CDN-powered website acceleration.

The Grey Wizard Story

Grey Wizard started as a machine-learning and artificial intelligence based web security solution for a global advertising company. Thousands of automated bots, fake accounts and malicious hackers threatened the whole business model of the website, copying it's content and exploiting the ads.

A simple CAPTCHA is not the right answer and certainly not flexible enough. Grey Wizard uses machine learning to model the behavior of both good and malicious users, understanding the minor differences between a behavioral fingerprint of a human and a robot.

With this intelligent web application firewall (WAF), the development team added a network of content distribution servers (CDN), caching, load-balancing and SSL-offload technologies with pipes wide enough to handle large DDoS attacks, and the Grey Wizard service was born.

Using European datacenters, Grey Wizard provides a complete, affordable, 24x7 monitored website protection with average support response time as low as just 6 minutes. This provides the peace of mind that all business owners need without any investment in hardware, extra bandwidth or additional security solutions.

50 million

DDoS attacks per year

1350 Gbps

largest DDoS attack

How Grey Wizard protects and accelerates a website?

Grey Wizard will not just make your website secure, but also load in a blink of an eye. However, a lot of wizardry happen in those milliseconds:
  • 1. Volumetric DDoS protection

    First Grey Wizard will stop every network traffic, including all volumetric attacks that do not conform to normal web traffic.
  • 2. SSL offloading and optimization

    As practically all websites use SSL encryption, Grey Wizard will build the secure connection with the browser and offload this work from the internal servers.
  • 3. Protection against known threats

    Grey Wizard applies a vast set of rules to block exploits and virtually patch known vulnerabilities in your website.
  • 4. AI analyzes visitor behavior

    Grey Wizard's artificial intelligence uses machine learning to tell the difference between "good and bad" website visitors.
  • 5. Protection against bots and application-level DDoS

    Based on the mathematical models, Grey Wizard's AI can stop unwanted bots, while also mitigating application-level DDoS attacks
  • 6. Deploy active countermeasures

    Grey Wizard automatically deploys authentication and visitor verification methods (like CAPTCHA) when a website is under attack.
  • 7. Fast and optimized content delivery

    Static, cached content like large scripts, optimized images and large files are cached by Grey Wizard and delivered to the visitor over HTTP/2 without contacting the internal webservers.
  • 8. Load-balancing between the protected internal servers

    Dynamic and new content is requested from the fastest available protected back-end server.

Grey Wizard vs. on-premise solutions

Why use Grey Wizard and a cloud service, when you can buy security appliances on-site? Hardware solutions cannot replace the power and bandwidth of the cloud, definitely cost more to buy and maintain, while simply cannot deliver similar protection.

DDoS protection depends on your bandwidth

No matter how expensive or complicated your on-premise DDoS defenses are, if the attackers have more bandwidth they win. Without Grey Wizard, it is very expensive to acquire a comparable amount of global bandwidth, not to mention the DDoS protection box itself.

On-premise boxes won't handle peak traffic either

While on-premise solutions can definitely accelerate your website and help you get through peak traffic hours, it will not multiply your bandwidth like Grey Wizard can do. With an on-premise application delivery controller or web proxy, you are still limited to your own bandwidth.

Cloud WAF with AI gets smarter every day

Compared to on-premise WAF products, artificial intelligence continously analyzes your visitors behavior with the power of thousands of servers in the cloud. On-premise solutions have difficulty in computing power and AI-based feature updates, which are both unlimited and automatic in Grey Wizard.

Cloud has 24x7 support and no maintenance

On-premise boxes don't come with a 24x7 team of engineers, a continously monitored SOC, automatic feature updates and 100% remote maintenace. Grey Wizard has an amazing team that replies in average 6 minutes - often a lot faster - to all your technical requests, any time of the day, every day of the year.

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