IT-OT integration

Industrial and IoT security

Solving cyber challenges of industrial, critical infrastructure and Internet-of-Things networks

Cyber threats in operational technology (OT), industrial and Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks are often ignored because of the theoretical separation from other machines. With continous IT-OT integration and always-on internet connectivity of IoT devices, cyber threats from the IT networks and the internet are a major unmanaged risk that needs to change as soon as possible.

Our vendors

Vectra AI network detection and response (NDR)

Attackers don't start in the industrial network, they find their way there. Vectra AI's leading automated threat hunting NDR solution, Vectra Cognito uncovers the attackers path to the critical network segments in real-time, leaving plenty of opportunity for the security team to stop the attack before it's too late. This network detection and response approach installs in a matter of minutes, a turnkey IT-OT solution that brings immediate result by providing a complete, encryption-agnostic coverage of all network threats.

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Waterfall uni-directional gateway

Optical separation of the critical industrial network segments is the only 100%, impenetrable protection against all potential external attacks. Waterfall's uni-directional security gateway physically separates the protected network and replicates the internal services, file shares, databases, servers on the external side in real-time. This way the IT network can use the protected resources just as if they were directly connected, however any attack against the replicas cannot affect real industrial operations on the inside.

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Stormshield industrial firewalls

Stormshield Network Security analyzes industrial protocols and provides essential functionality for creating a network security policy deep within the industrial network. This user-based set of security rules can enforce strong authentication and strictly control access to industrial resources, even making risky industrial protocols read-only or programmable only in very specific time slots for specific users.

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Use cases

Industrial and IoT network security is still very dependent on separation that brings challenges to secure IT-OT integration. Advanced attackers always need to gain access to deeper layers of a well-segmented network, so uncovering the lateral movements, reconnaissance and remote control activities provide an excellent opportunity to stop these advanced attacks in time.

Optical separation

Whenever technically possible, deploying optical separation is still the only 100% security against external cyberattacks that cannot be hacked or misconfigured my malicious insiders.

Attack visibility

Real-time detection of threat actors inside the IT-OT integrated network is the key to quick reaction. As advanced attacks last for weeks, fast detection gives many opportunities for the security team to act in time.

Quick / automated reaction

Uncovered attacks are stopped automatically with account lockout or network isolation, or advanced playbook-based automation can leave manual decision when still needed.

24x7 SOC operations

AI-based automated network security can lock-out attackers, stop ransomware and other threats in real-time. AI is the only approach to 24x7 security operations without hiring significantly more staff.