Infrastructure security

Network and end-point security products to enforce the security policy

Our network security and endpoint security solutions form the foundations of cybersecurity. Their primary role is to enforce the envisioned security policy and filter the most important threats and stop cyberattacks. Prevention relies heavily on reacting to threats, so they are essentially dependent on continous updates and the vendor's threat intelligence. While no product can provide imprenetrable security, the ease-of-use and protection level of these solutions significantly simplifies security operations.

Our vendors

Stormshield from Airbus Cybersecurity

Stormshield Network Security firewalls are trusted, European Union and NATO certified gateway security products that separate the internet from the zones of the corporate network. As a Unified Threat Management or UTM firewall, Stormshield Network Security combines multiple preventive layers of network security, from application control to sandboxing.

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The endpoint security products from F-Secure provide the basic antimalware for all workstations, laptops and servers. Apart from the traditional on-premise approach, the easy-to-use, multi-tenant cloud management can make F-Secure deployments a breeze, even when servicing multiple customers. Starting from a strong preventive offering, the main directions of F-Secure development is fast detection and response and Office 365 cloud protection.

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A10 Networks

Datacenter and edge-of-the-cloud network security are the key areas of A10 Networks products. Load-balancing application delivery controllers, anti-DDoS devices, carrier-grade NAT and datacenter convergent firewall solutions from A10 provide high performance security and application delivery solutions for up to 1200 Gbps throughput.

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Niagara Networks

Niagara TAPs and packet brokers create the visibility network, a real-time copy of all the enterprise network traffic in a single location. This shadow network can be analyed in many solutions, from threat detection and response to network optimization, all from a single point in the datacenter. Niagara Networks resolves the typical issues with switch SPAN ports, and create a central deployment location for our security solutions.

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Use cases

Preventive infrastructure security provide the basic security filtering for all organizations. Their role is to remove the majority of the threats from the corporate network, so security operations can focus on those attacks that somehow bypass these solutions.

Network security

Enforcement of the company security policy, protection against exploits and network-based attacks. Web, phishing, email security and sandboxing built into the UTM firewall.

Endpoint protection

Core malware protection on each server and workstation removes all known threats and stops worms, malware infections and ransomware from spreading deeper in the organization.

User and content control

Stop unwanted behavior and limit the use of company resources by groups of users. Enforce a security policy that meets your security requirements and remove illegal or not business-related content.

Trusted VPNs

Virtual private networks connect remote branch offices and datacenters in a secure manner over internet links. Trusted encryption is essential in privacy and threat protection.