Network Visibility with Niagara Networks

Niagara's TAPs and packet brokers create a visibility network for feeding security appliances and network monitoring solutions with the right data at a single location. Niagara forms the base of future-proof security monitoring, improving network reliability and uptime.

Reliable monitoring

Monitor the network with reliable Niagara TAPs and avoid the limitations of SPAN ports.

Packet brokers

Niagara provides a central location for all monitoring appliances, from security appliances to SIEMs and performance optimization.

Bypass and load-balancing

Niagara's network bypass and load-balancing solutions provide resiliency and fault-tolerance for every network.

Intelligent packet processing

Niagara also provides deduplication, packet slicing or SSL decryption capabilities to provide the right traffic for every scenario.

Provide the right traffic to each device

Once Niagara is deployed, you can add new monitoring devices with just a few clicks.

Niagara also takes care of brokering and providing the exact traffic that your monitoring appliance needs: filter the unnecessary traffic to save cost on licensing, remove payloads for compliance, decrypt SSL for DLPs or create netflows without reconfiguring the live network.


So what are TAPs and packet brokers?

Security appliances, network performance monitoring and UEBA tools, or even SIEMs need to sniff the right network traffic. Too much may overload the device or increase hardware or software licensing costs, too few will not result in efficient operation.

With Niagara Networks taps and packet brokers, you can create a visibility network to collects all traffic in a single, centrally managed solution.

After deploying Niagara, it takes just a few clicks to add a new security appliance, receiving only the right amount and right kind of filtered or unfiltered traffic - without reconfiguring any device in your network. This makes both the appliance installation, maintenance and changes a breeze.

Niagara TAP stands for Test Access Port: it is the passive, high performance network sniffer, while the Niagara packet brokers are smart, centrally managed devices that can process and forward the right TAP traffic straight into the right device.

But what's wrong with SPAN ports?

Using switch and router SPAN ports seem to be the easiest way of network monitoring. However, there are some key shortcomings to consider:

  • It's impossible to manage all geographically distant SPAN ports in a single monitoring network. As the network grows, SPAN is simply not enough.
  • SPAN ports introduce CPU and memory load on the network switches and may drop packets in high traffic
  • Number of SPANs are limited and may not be enough for all your appliances
  • SPAN traffic may not be legally considered as the real network traffic, causing compliance issues

Features in detail

High performance load balancing

Niagara's load balancing helps you to deploy multiple lower cost solutions and distribute traffic among them.

When you upgrade the core network from 1G to 10G, 40G or 100G, you may save tremendous costs on upgrade avoidance with Niagara's load-balancing and network interface conversion capabilities.

Always-on network with bypasses

Niagara's network bypasses will transform any network appliance to fault-tolerant, allowing 24x7 operation of any critical network.

The bypasses physically connect the network even when the in-line appliance is unplugged or it's hardware completely failed, making the network fault tolerant and allowing seamless appliance changes and upgrades.

Packetron packet processor

Niagara's packetron module is an open, customizable system to process network packets based on high-performance Xeon processors.

The module can intelligently de-duplicate packets, slice packets for analytics, create netflow, decrypt SSL or apply URL filtering, among many customizable use-cases.

Modular, customizable devices
with pay-as-you-grow pricing

Niagara's modular devices can be customized with different TAP, bypass, packet broker and packetron modules to match different needs.

Some boxes also come with port-based licensing, allowing cost-efficient purchase and on-demand activation of additional ports.

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