Protecting Office 365

Gartner predicts that 50% of Office 365 customers will subscribe to additional security solutions by 2020.
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Complete on-premise archive of all emails

Keep a full copy of the most important documents and archive old emails from Office 365 mailboxes.


Email security with spear phishing protection

Vade Secure provides the must-have security to increase the protection of the most important Office 365 feature.


Website and DDoS protection

Comprehensive security for the critical websites and webshops with AI-based, advanced WAF and DDoS protection.


Fully encrypted phone calls and group chat

When you don't want to trust your most critical discussions to anyone else, use the on-premise end-to-end encrypted Skype alternative.

MailStore Server for Office 365

Email is one of the most sensitive business data for compliance, accessibility and retention. MailStore Server will keep an on-premise copy of all the mailboxes, including old and new emails. Pricing starts at just 295 €.



It is just common sense to keep a full copy of all your data in-house, regardless how Office 365 would work in the future. With your own data safe, you can even change to a different provider immediately.

Security & archival

Office 365 only keeps deleted emails for 30 days, while subscribing to cloud archival (E3) costs more than buying MailStore. Get security against accidential deletion and keep all your emails safe in MailStore, without mailbox size or retention limitations.

Company-wide search

Search across all old and new business emails within MailStore in a single interface. No need to pay for employees who already left the company, their archives are stored free of charge.

Proven and reliable

Over 50,000 companies have chosen MailStore Server already, out of which 98,9% would suggest it to new customers. Find out why!

Vade Secure for Office 365

Email is still the primary way of infection in the enterprise. Your business emails are not safe with Microsoft, as the bare minimum for every decent attacker is to get through Office 365's built-in defenses. While 80% of users are unable to tell the difference between a malicious email and a good one, only good external protection can provide efficient email security.

A proven solution, protecting hundreds of millions of mailboxes world-wide.

Targeted attack protection

With advanced spear phishing protection, Vade Secure provides efficient security against targeted attacks and phishing threats. These tricky emails circumvent antivirus and sandboxing and cause huge damage without binaries.

Newsletter, social and shopping folders

Vade Secure classifies newsletters, social and shopping updates in separate folders, so they do not interfere with priority business emails.

Advanced security with artificial intelligence

With time-of-click protection, malicious links are checked even after an email is received. AI helps to go beyond scanning email headers and contents to understand the context and intent, for much better classification.

Fully Office 365 integrated

With a very simple setup that requires no DNS MX record changes, Vade Secure integrates directly into Office 365 using API.

Grey Wizard

Important website or webshop? As it runs independently from Office 365's defenses, your website is a prime target for distributed denial of service (DDoS) and data theft attacks. Grey Wizard is an affordable, turnkey cloud DDoS and web firewall solution that will protect your web presence from all threats.

Comprehensive DDoS protection

DDoS can shoot down websites for days, making your company or webshop completely inaccessible. Grey Wizard protects against all types of DDoS attacks and will keep your website up and running all the time.

Web Application Firewall stops hackers

An advanced, AI-powered WAF makes assures that the website is protected against both known and yet unknown attacks. Grey Wizard will keep hackers away from your most important transactions and personal, GDPR-related data.

24x7 monitored security service

Grey Wizard operates a large capacity, global Content Distribution Network with continously monitored, 100% uptime guaranteed security services. The average response time to support tickets is just 6 minutes.

Ready in 5 minutes

Turn on Grey Wizard in just a few minutes and take advantage of the complete website protection with our CDN-powered website acceleration.


Encrypted chat and phone calls will keep your discussions really confident. If you don't trust the Office 365 cloud or Microsoft with your most sensitive communication, Babelnet will keep it secret, while it's just as easy to use as Skype, Facebook Messenger or Viber.


Secure Messenger

Use a familiar WhatsApp/Viber-like interface to securely chat, send files, start group conversations, make phone calls and more. Babelnet is your private encrypted messenger solution.

Encrypted VOIP calls

Strong cryptography keeps your communications secret, including crystal-clear voice calls using only your own secure Babelnet server. Calls don't leave your own network and remain securely encrypted between the devices.

Group chats and emails

Group chats allows teams to collaborate securely, while Babelnet on Windows and Mac desktops provide a secure email replacement for the most important private discussions.

100% in-house

Your communicaton, your servers, your encryption, your security. Babelnet is fully on-premise and is designed to keep every data safe even in case of a cyberattack.

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