The Yellow Cube Partnership

Cybersecurity is a must.

Stop wasting your time testing hundreds of cybersecurity brands. Over the years we have carefully selected a portfolio of state-of-the-art cybersecurity products, that actually work. Yellow Cube enables you to deliver the best solutions to your customers.

Our Principles

How do we work?

In projects

With our partners we use the Yellow Cube Partner site to collaborate on sales projects. Currently we have over 400 managed projects in the CEE region.

While some products could be sold in a matter of weeks, a more advanced cybersecurity system may take years to procure. That is why it's essential for us to build a transparent sales channel with reliable deal protection, for all our partners and projects.

Our principles:
  • Yellow Cube never sells directly
  • Our vendors also only sell through the partner channel
  • We represent our products exclusively and forge it's future together
  • Every deal is globally and transparently protected
  • Yellow Cube has no competing vendors, we always bring only the best solution to every project

In the long term

Security needs are continous, so is our goal to create a continous sales process. We don't focus on single, quick sales, but we'd rather get our partners into a close, confidential relationship with their customers based on yearly on monthly renewed, continously provided security products and services.

What's more, Yellow Cube's portfolio is built on logically extending levels of security. As the customer grows and their business needs arise for the next step in cybersecurity, Yellow Cube will know exaclty what advanced security solution needs to be implemented.

The Yellow Cube products:
  • Provide continously renewing security and can be sold with monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Provide a sustainable growth of revenue to all our partners
  • Provide logically extending levels of security to follow the customer's growth in security needs
About our products

Why is our product portfolio the right choice?

Diverse cybersecurity

Really efficient cybersecurity is not made of Microsoft, HP or IBM products. Good security is colorful with many specialist vendors, as the ideal solution is always different for each customer. The best solutions are rarely made by software giants, who don't really feel the need of the revenue coming from their security products.

However there are over 1500 cybersecurity startups globally developing state-of-the-art and disruptive solutions, and barely a few of them are selling in Central and Eastern Europe. That is why we consider it Yellow Cube's mission to create and maintain a security portfolio that is professionally a much better choice than the well-known brands. We don't rely on marketing to sell our solutions, but instead we convince our customers with real cybersecurity that works better, more efficient, with less maintenance - providing simply better security in the long term.

Our specialist vendors:
  • Develop a single product, whose success directly affects the future of the company
  • They want to gain market share with disruptive offerings
  • They replace older security solutions with a fresh take on cybersecurity
  • Lot more flexible, direct, easy-to-work-with companies than software giants

Layered security

Cybersecurity is not about an antivirus, for a very long time now. In our every day work we help our customers understand the full security process, and we help them focus on the most critical issues.

The goal is not to buy as many security products as possible: while some organizations already have plenty of security products, they lack the skill to use them efficiently as a security system. Other companies focus only on cyber and completely ignore every day risks like human, insider threats.

That is why cybersecurity can only be efficient and robust if it is built in a logical stack, answering to the identified business risks in order of priority. Yellow Cube's unique cybersecurity portfolio guides the customer through the planning and understanding of security levels, and provides logical, increasing levels of security to fit all needs and budgets.

Our product lines:
  • Infrastructure security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human risk management
  • Secure communications
  • Industrial security

Your customer, our solution

The Yellow Cube value added distribution never sells directly. We are not looking for new customers and we never compete with our partners on tenders. With Yellow Cube's help, your job is to understand your customer's cybersecurity challenges and deliver these missing solutions to their critical security problems. As you provide the customer contact, we provide the product and the know-how.

With Yellow Cube providing the comprehensive background, together we can succesfully build a new stream of revenue in cybersecurity.