Automated red teaming

Pcysys PenTera

Run a comprehensive red teaming with a single click, every day of the year

Fully automated red teaming

Deliver constant pentesting quality with a power of thousands of automated hackers. The final pentesting report does not depend on the PenTera operator at all.

Super fast pentesting

Deliver a complete red teaming in a matter of hours. PenTera is fast, it does reconnaissance, lateral movement, man-in-the-middle attacks, post-exploitation and even uses GPUs to crack passwords.

Ethical exploits & no harm

PenTera never does any harm and always asks for approvals for every ethical exploitation to continue. Leftovers are also automatically cleaned up after the attack scenario finishes.

Continous security validation

Run PenTera after every network change or on a schedule to continously monitor your network's resilience against advanced attackers. Validate the security stack and operations efficiency anyime.
PenTera vs. Vulnerability Scanners

Much more than just vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is also well automated and will give you thousands of vulnerabilities to fix. It'll also give you CVSS scores to prioritize, but Gartner says that only 5% of the vulnerabilites are practically exploitable.

Do you know which one to fix?

PenTera, in comparison will exploit the vulnerabilites and show the exact attack chain - aka killchain - to cause serious business damage, relevant to your specific environment. Fix vulnerabilites that lead to real damage and forget the never-ending work with vulnerability scanners. We can do so much more with PenTera and automated red teaming.

PenTera vs. ethical hackers

Manual red teams are opportunistic

A human red team might perform great or could be unsuccessful, but in either case they will try to finish a single attack, success is opportunistic and very much dependent on their skills.

Will they uncover all the potential attack paths?

The automated PenTera system can deliver hundreds of different attacks at the same time. It can crack hundreds of admin passwords, why stop at the first one? With sophisticated attack automation PenTera reports include many different attack paths, not just a single one.

Quality is also not dependent on skill or experience, PenTera will always do the best it can, and will keep updating its skillset with new product releases.

Continous security validation

Network resiliency scoring

By running PenTera on a regular basis, fixing discovered vulnerabilites and breaking potential attack paths, the network's resiliency can be increased cost-efficiently. PenTera introduces a straightforward scoring system to measure real-life network security, and track changes that's easy to understand for all stakeholders.

This is the PenTera Network Resiliency Score.

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