Control and security

Securing the home office

Managed detection and response, productivity control and data loss prevention are the key areas to securing home offices

Creating a secure home office environment surfaces complex security and productivity problems. Organizations are looking to control remote work while securing sensitive business data and trying to avoid advanced attacks in unknown home network environments.

Our vendors

F-Secure advanced endpoint security

As the next logical step to expanding the traditional preventive antivirus, F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response is a cloud-based advanced endpoint security solution that can be deployed on all Windows and Mac OS machines to collect behavioral indicators of a potential compromise. The data is then correlated with hundreds of millions of other machines in the cloud, and broad context detections uncover the scope and timeline of potential attacks, with manual or automated reaction capabilities to stop the incident.

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Teramind productivity, application control and data loss prevention

The complete insider threat management solution from Teramind is our agent-based solution that can be deployed on all enterprise machines. Teramind focuses on controlling every user activity and making them compliant with the company's security policy. Teramind can also block risky activties with a wide range of DLP features, and provides a clear behavior-based risk scoring for all employees.

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Stormshield certified VPN for secure remote access

Airbus Cybersecurity's firewall vendor, Stormshield builds trusted, European Union and NATO certified VPN solutions for securely connecting to corporate resources from home. The built-in SSL VPN is free of charge and unlimited, so anyone working from home can use it without additional license costs. As a Unified Threat Management or UTM firewall, Stormshield Network Security also combines multiple preventive layers of network security, from application control to sandboxing.

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Use cases

Organizations looking to increase employee productivity and to safeguard business secrets face similar challenges when creating home office workspaces. Our solutions provide the right answers.

Advanced protection

Antivirus and prevention alone is inadequate and cannot block all the attacks. Advanced endpoint detection and response can fill this widening gap in endpoint security.

Productivity improvement

By monitoring time spent actively in different applications and websites, productivity reporting can ensure that the proper work morale is maintained even in the home office.

Safeguarding business secrets

Data loss prevention rules and strict security policy enforcement helps organizations keep their business secrets safe even in the home office.

Secure office connectivity

With certified VPN solutions organizations can provide trusted, secure and monitored remote access to datacenter and corporate resources for home office workers.