Welcome to the Stormshield Sales Club!

300 € bonus on a Mastercard

After your first successful Stormshield sale (SN510 or larger), you will receive the virtual Sales Club Mastercard. It comes with 300 euros that you can spend anywhere online. You can easily request a physical card too.

Ready to begin?

The fineprint

Stormshield Sales Club campaign is executed by Yellow Cube, the regional Stormshield Master Distributor of Central and Eastern Europe. Participating sales people must be working in Yellow Cube countries (CEE, except Poland) and must be new to selling Stormshield solutions. Stormshield Sales Club is aimed at sales people and does not replace the requirements of the official Stormshield partner program. We award a 300 euro bonus with for the successful completion of the first medium or larger project (an SN510 or larger device) for every new sales person who participated in the program and passed the Stormshield Sales Club exam after the last lesson. Yellow Cube reservers the right to change the campaign, to decide on accepting new registrations or to replace the bonus with an applicable gift card of similar value if the Mastercard is not feasible or not possible to be offered in a certain country. The eligibility for the bonus Mastercard lasts for the 2 next quarters after the successful exam.