Antivirus 2.0

The new generation of endpoint protection solutions, the unique development of Airbus Cyber Security manufacturer, the Stormshield Endpoint Security Intrusion Prevention and Endpoint Protection System.
THE ANTIVIRUS IS DEAD. The industry's leading antivirus system - Symantec's Brian Dye (Vice President of Symantec) declared that the "antivirus was dead", the entire endpoint industry was transformed. Anti-virus softwares are far from providing adequate protection - according to the market leader's analysis, only 45 percent of the attacks can be detected.

New generational proactive protection

Critical infrastructures, industrial and banking systems with high security levels are clearly looking for new solutions to overwhelm their outdated endpoint protection. Airbus Cyber Security manufacturer's development's, Stormshield Endpoint Security offers them a patented security system based, signature-updates free, real-time behavior analysis and memory protection system.

Prepare for the unknown

During the development of Stormshield Endpoint Security, the primary point of view is the effective protection against unknown attacks. New generation protection is not based on attack patterns or databases, but focuses on preventing security failures from exploiting. The patented Stormshield Endpoint Security exploit protection has proven to be a successful solution to a number of new APT and cyber attacks, while with the continuous development of the system, Stormshield engineers develops every day a more reliable endpoint security.

Proven protection

Stormshield Endpoint Security systems have been successful against the latest and most advanced cyberattacks, including the Duqu, Flame, Banechant APT attacks, or the ones with huge publicity malwares such as Cryptolocker, CryptoWall and Carbanak.

Complete endpoint locking and control

Stormshield Enpoint Security solutions, in addition to proactive exploit protection,but also provides full-featured monitoring services to endpoints for banning unknown applications, USB and other devices, encrypted and secured wifi networks. With the rule-based, centrally managed Stormshield Endpoint Security security policy manager, for example, you can disable file copies to unknown devices, block access to critical data from unauthorized applications (such as browsers), or even block copy clipboard usage for each application.

Two product variants

Stormshield Endpoint Security is available in two product variants: Full Protection or Full Control, which focuses on fully supervising and closing workstations.

Stormshield Endpoint Security
Full Protect

  • Proactive, behaviour-based protection against unknown attacks
  • zero-day exploit blocking
  • Protect your operating system and applications together
  • Memory monitoring and protection
  • Application Management: White / Blacklisting
  • Firewall and network intrusion protection

Stormshield Endpoint Security
Full Control

  • Blocking / Enabling External Devices by Serial Number
  • Prohibiting file operations (eg writing) per device
  • Protected against infected USB devices and data carriers
  • Monitoring and evaluating file movements
  • Blocking clipboard copies in applications
  • Disable file type access per application
  • Quarantined quarrying
  • Wifi surveillance, enforcing VPN