Complete solution for insider threats

Teramind Enterprise offers a turn-key solution for employee monitoring and prevention of insider threats. Teramind records every activity from file operations to critical data displayed on-screen, creates a complete log of activity metadata and replayable screen recording, and instantly blocks/alerts on dangerous activity.

User activity log

Every user action is logged: screen capture, email, chat, file activity, cloud uploads, clipboard, screenshots, etc. All metadata can be flexibly searched or directly sent to a SIEM.

Educate security policy

Teramind is the perfect choice for security education of new employees: it alerts, blocks or redirects when someone violates policy, for example tries to upload a sensitive file in Dropbox.

Prevent insider threats

Screen recording behaves just like an active security camera, recording all activity of administrators, suppliers and privileged users, while also blocking unwanted activities. This provides the forensic proof for any insider investigation.

Increase productivity

With accurate worktime records and by limiting the use of social networks or streaming sites, effective work time and productivity is significantly increased. Teramind also provides independent, objective reports on employee productivity.

Activity recording

  • Screen recording
  • Emails and attachments
  • File activity, file transfers, USB, optical drives
  • Applications and websites
  • Network traffic
  • Cloud storage, file uploads and downloads
  • Clipboard activity
  • Printings
  • Keystrokes

Search in screen content

Teramind Enterprise is capable of real-time OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which makes all displayed text on the screen searchable. In addition to recording screen contents, Teramind can also react on screen contents with automatic rules. For instance, Teramind may alert immediately when a credit card number or similar critical data appears on screen. The OCR supports accents, Cyrillic, Hebrew and other non-English characters.

Monitor application use

With overviews of daily website and application usage, you will get the whole picture of how everyday work is taking place at your company. Identify hidden security risks, unwanted applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or other file sharing applications. You can see exactly what files have been opened or uploaded in a certain application or website, and Teramind can also prevent harmful activity, or educate users to the company security policy.

Productivity analisys

Increase productivity and make work time hours more efficient. Productivity reports that can be show individual, per group or per division reports, and objectively assists the HR and the management decision making processes.

Understand insider risks

Teramind will help you highlight people with risky behavior, frequently violated security rules and related objects, files, documents or websites on a single dashboard. Understanding and eliminating insider risks starts here.

How does Teramind work?


Record and intervene

Teramind agent running on both workstations and servers record all user activity and intervene if needed. Teramind can prevent harmful activities, such as data theft in real-time.


Teramind reports help you to understand and review work, time schedules, productivity and the most importantly security risks. With Teramind you can understand the root of a problem and find the right solution.


Teramind works as a black box to enable quick forensic investigation: it shows what each person did or did not do. All recorded data can be searched, and any screen recording can be replayed to reconstruct the events.


Teramind supplies the SIEM with all user activity which are typically not easily found or missing from logs. Teramind also offers an extensive API for advanced integration.

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