AI-based network detection and response

Stop cyberattacks with the threat-hunting AI. Vectra AI guards the network 24x7 against any risky behavior and responds to the earliest signs of a cyberattack. Fully automated without analyzing logs, without creating use-cases or rules, requiring no analyst skills and no manual work.

Yellow Cube is the sole distributor for Vectra AI in the Central and Eastern European region.

Start hunting for threats

Vectra AI focuses on uncovering steps of a cyberattack real-time, so you can respond to the earliest signs and avoid incidents. Stop analyzing logs, stop filtering through false alarms, look at the real attacks as they unfold. Vectra AI brings threat hunting to security operations and replaces log-based, anomaly-oriented or threat-intel dependent security operations with advanced mathematics to accurately identifiy attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Protect against account compromise

Vectra AI monitors how accounts are being used in the local network and the cloud to instantly detect account compromise, such as attackers stealing accounts, creating new cloud or domain administrators, using phished passwords or rogue admins misusing privileges. With unique support for Office 365 and Microsoft 365, Vectra can also successfully protect critical cloud services.

Put zero trust security into practice

Security works best when every device, user and activity is constantly monitored against compromise and bad behavior. Vectra AI accurately discovers risky behavior, without false positives. Once the behavior is on the network, security operations can decide to handle it as an incident or allow as part of normal business activity. Zero trust security with Vectra is straightforward and easy.

Choose a tested solution, that simply works

200 deployments
With over 200 successful deployments in the region, Yellow Cube has extensive experience in deploying, evaluating and integrating Vectra AI to a wide range of customers. From financial institutions to airgapped critical security and military networks, Yellow Cube has the know-how, security engineers and demo devices available to help you succeed in upgrading network security and open the path to automated security operations.

Find out more about Vectra AI

Vectra Cognito is a sophisticated AI technology that solves real-world security issues and empowers security operations with unprecedented detection capabilities. Find out more about the technology, the people behind it, the opinions of our customers or dive into a demo and proof-of-value deployment with the help of Yellow Cube's partners. Contact us for more below.

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Amazing Product & Service, Hunting made easy

Cyber Specialist (in Finance)

Best detection tool we've had, and we've tried our fair share

Deputy CISO (in Education)

Great solution with even better support

InfoSec Analyst (in Finance)

Vectra helped to solve our human resource and security skills gap

Head of Global Infrastructure and Operations (in Finance)

If you're serious about your company security then Vectra is a must.

IT Security Analyst (in Manufacturing)

On budget and exceeded expectations on delivery!

Head of Cyber Security (in Finance)

Powerful tool to keep you safe.

CCC Team Lead (in Services)