Automated threat management and network self-defense

The future of network security. Uncover active cyber threats in the network using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, enable fast response and block attacks automatically using Vectra - it's security that thinks.

Yellow Cube is the sole distributor for Vectra Networks in the Central and Eastern European region.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new revolution. First machines replaced physical human muscle work, than computers replaced manual, paper-based work in every area of business. With new developments in AI, computers are now able to solve complex problems that require decision making and human thinking, and are revolutionizing the way we live today.

Vectra Networks is security that thinks, bringing AI to cybersecurity. Vectra uses machine learning and data science to identify threats based on their behavior, not on their fingerprints or signatures. This AI evolves with the company, using both supervised and unsupervised learning to uncover and respond to active cyber threats that were previously hidden and could only be detected previously with difficult manual work.

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Vectra in a nutshell

Watch this quick overview of the intuitive cyber attack detection capabilities of the Vectra platform.

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How does Vectra work?

  • Step 1 Choose the right data source

    The better the datasource, the better the detection. To achieve high-fidelity, accurate detection Vectra analysis complete network traffic, which is superior to detection systems based on logs (SIEM), NetFlow or other incomplete data sources.
  • Step 2 Install on TAP or SPAN interfaces

    To get the complete picture, Vectra is installed on core, access and virtual switches to intercept 100% of network traffic. Vectra is entirely passive, does not interfere in the operation of the network and installs in just minutes.
  • Step 3 Listen, learn and correlate

    As Vectra processes all network traffic, it automatically detects the network topology, and the AI starts to learn and adopt it's capabilities to the local network. Knowing the kill chain of cyber attacks, Vectra correlates all information to discover attacks and anomalies in real-time.
  • Step 4 Detect active threats in real-time

    Running both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, Vectra detects active threats in real-time, regardless at what stage the attacker is in the cyber kill chain (exploitation, command and control, reconassaince, lateral movement, data theft, etc.)
  • Step 5 Triage and risk scoring

    Vectra continously scores risks and hosts, and based on attack certainity and risk level, automatically highlights the largest threats against key assets.
  • Step 6 Remediation

    Based on the triage of threats, security opreators or automated security orchestration can remediate the attacks. Vectra provides clear instructions to verify and remedy detections, while providing complete packet captures for forensic analysis. Vectra also provides SIEM-integration and API.

More security with less human resources

Daniel Basile, executive director of the security operations center at the Texas A&M University System manages the security of 250,000 users with just 7 employees, empowered by Vectra's cyberdefense AI.

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See Vectra in detail

The screenshots below illustrate how Vectra triages threats and scores risk, and how powerful Vectra's AI can be in detecting all stages of and advanced cyberattack, from command and control communication to exfiltrating data.