Privileged access management, password management, and session capture.

A privileged access management puts in order to where critical servers and resource needed work is needed. Emphasized users access servers through Wallix, which can also be password-protected by Wallix. The entire session can be retrieved in searchable and retranslatable form, ready to audit, meeting legal requirements.

Wallix solutions are domestically represented and distributed by Yellow Cube.

Introducing: Wallix



RDP/SSH session capture

Full-featured, searchable, and replayable session capture allows you to preserve all privileged work in the original format. In fact, Wallix does not only follow the happenings on the screen, but it can also look at the contents of scripts that run and intervene as needed.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged users can easily access the resources that are allowed through the Wallix portal. You can quickly and logically create the access policy between user groups and resource groups.

Password Management

By using the password storage, Wallix can safely store all major shared users (Administrator, root, etc.) and rotate it according to the specifications, or even after each entry. Depending on the settings, even the administrators will never know the real password, so it is a perfect solution for managing common passwords.

Real time surveillance

Tasks on critical servers can be tracked in real time, while Wallix automatically (by rules) and manually provides immediate intervention. The system provides a well-regulated, one-click workflow to temporarily increase the required privileges.

Auditing and OCR

The recorded sessions by Wallix can be stored for desired time, securely, encrypted. Sessions can be searched freely, and OCR can display data on the screen while other file operations, clipboard usage, and keyboard typing can be searched.

Reports and Statistics

Comprehensive reports help meet regulatory and industry standards and promote quality control processes. For example, reports can be used to filter out unnecessary software licensing and have a clear overview of operator responsibilities.

Wallix Bastion

The Wallix Bastion Suite consists 3 products: WAB Session Manager performs session capture, attribution assignment, and related tasks; WAB Password Manager is responsible for the automated exchange of passwords and regulations; while WAB Access Manager provides a web interface for managing the entire system as a load splitter on a cloud-ready frontend.
  • RDP/SSH/VNC/Telnet and SFTP support

  • Active Directory and directory integration

  • OTP and harware tokens

  • Single Sign-On support

  • REST API support

  • Windows, Unix, Linux servers

  • NAS, SAN, firewalls and switches

  • Native SSH/RDP clients

  • 100% covered and compliant

  • Password rotation

  • SIEM integration

  • 4 eyes principle (or more)

  • Session probe technology

  • Searchable recorded workflow

  • Integrated load balancer

More information

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