Yellow Care for customer success

Our success is mutual. From the first proof-of-concept deployment until the last day of the subscription, Yellow Care provides a team of cybersecurity advisors for regular, free monthly security check-ups.

  • Monthly cybersecurity consultation and product usage check-up

  • Free of charge both to customers and Yellow Cube partners

  • Structured meetings in local languages, for all Yellow Cube vendors

  • Vendor’s best practices, tips & tricks for different environments

  • Product updates, roadmap discussions and Q&A

  • Understanding new security challenges and how we can “do more”

How does it work?

Caring from the beginning

Customer journey starts with a successful proof-of-concept or deployment. Yellow Cube advisors personally oversee the process, helping skilled and new partners alike.

Monthly customer meetings

Yellow Cube advisors, together with the vendors’ and the partners’ experts work to setup free, regular, typically monthly consultations with all customers.

Open discussion on cybersecurity

Promoting an open discussion, advisors help customers get the most value out of their Yellow Cube product subscriptions. Maximizing satisfaction, month after month.

Yellow Care meetings follow the same structure
  • Different checklist for each Yellow Cube product

  • Demonstration of newly released features and roadmap discussion

  • Applying vendor’s best practices

  • Customer-specific integration options

  • Providing measurable return of investment and satisfaction indicators

  • Uncovering missing security needs

  • Q&A session and vendor support performance review

Find out more

Join our success. Become a Yellow Cube partner today and bring our cybersecurity expertise through Yellow Care to your future customers.